Why Image Optimization is an SEO Must

Many internet marketers make the basic mistake that SEO is just about content creation. Adding images is almost considered secondary. However, when done right, image optimization has an enormously powerful impact on SEO. There are several reasons why this is the case, many of which we explore in today’s post. If you haven’t yet optimized […]

3 Ways to Maximize SEO for your Local Business

If you have an online business presence, you’ve probably heard of SEO. Search-engine optimization is the means through which you attract relevant traffic to your website. Think of SEO like preparation for a marathon. It takes many months of hard, arduous effort before you’re fully prepped to win the marathon. Passing the line in first […]

How to Create an SEO-friendly Site Structure

Every website should have a defined site structure; the architecture upon which the rest of your webpages depend. Just like your home, a solid website architecture provides for a robust and safe-haven for what really matters. Poor site structure can, in contrast, damage SEO and, in turn, reduce the volume of relevant traffic that reaches […]

How SEO Increases the Visibility of Your Business

More people than ever use the internet to shop. Not only that, but more people are using their mobile devices to initiate these searches. For your local business to succeed, your website must be visible to your target audience. You need to move with the times or the times will move you…very firmly and very […]

7 Elements of a Successful Web Design

In the online world, design matters. It’s not enough to have a beautiful website, though; the website must deliver on its stated goals and objectives. We have helped local businesses throughout Las Vegas who, though they had beautiful websites, failed to deliver in terms of traffic numbers. This means less leads and, more importantly, fewer […]

7 Advantages of Using WordPress for Your Website

What platform are you using for your current website? Chances are that you’re using WordPress; a popular platform that has been around since 2003. WordPress is a widely used content management system; a platform that aids the management of your website. Statistics show that WordPress powers over 25 percent of websites (and given there are […]

2017 SEO Ranking Factors – Where to Focus On

In an earlier blog, we discussed the basics of search-engine optimization. We learned what it was and how it can help your local business. That being said, digital marketing changes year on year. Rank factors that were important in 2013 are no longer as relevant today – and vice versa. Today, we discuss the principle […]

Best SEO Company in Las Vegas

Are you looking for search-engine optimization services in Las Vegas? At Fusionvegas, our experienced internet marketing team are on-hand to help you with your website – irrespective of whether your website is for personal, business, educational or charitable purposes. Our team have proven records for helping websites gain more traffic, more leads and more conversions. […]

Las Vegas Web Development Services

Web development refers to the work involved in creating a website; whether it be a new website or the re-development of an existing website. At Fusionvegas, our Las Vegas web development services cater for both. We create websites with an authentic brand that reflects the very best of their service; original, creative and innovative designs […]

Las Vegas Logo Design – Professional, Affordable Designs

Do you own a local business? Worried about branding and how your logo projects this brand to consumers? Logo design is important, very important in fact. The logo is, in effect, the face of the company; a small graphic, yet one that can have an enormous impact. From the website and business cards, right through […]

Looking for SEO in Las Vegas?

Are you looking for SEO in Las Vegas? At Fusionvegas, we offer an exceptional and comprehensive range of SEO services. We help local businesses attract the widest, most relevant traffic for their niche – whether the niche is business, charitable, personal or educational in purpose. SEO is a constantly evolving practice; something that changes month […]

Web Design Services in Las Vegas

Do you currently own a website? Is the website attracting the traffic you thought it would? There are many reasons why websites – whether for personal or business use – fail to attract traffic. One of those factors, which we discussed in a previous blog, is poorly implemented search-engine optimization. Though SEO is an important […]

What is Search-Engine Optimization?

Do you own a website – be it for personal or business purposes? Are you wondering why you’re not attracting organic traffic from search engines? That’s where search-engine optimization comes in. Search-engine optimization is one tool among many responsible for increasing traffic to your website. Other techniques include search-engine marketing (online advertising), on-site webpage optimization, […]