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Do you own a local business? Worried about branding and how your logo projects this brand to consumers? Logo design is important, very important in fact. The logo is, in effect, the face of the company; a small graphic, yet one that can have an enormous impact. From the website and business cards, right through to flyers and brochures, that small graphic finds its way onto every marketing source. Getting it right is crucial. Our Las Vegas logo design team have crafted graphics for leading brands throughout the city – building their identity and brand.

Some might say that logos aren’t important; that they represent style over substance. That would, however, be a grave mistake. Logos are the anchor that carry your brand. If your business logo looks weak or shoddy, consumers will in turn assume your service is weak or shoddy. When we visit a professional website, we never question the integrity of the service. The logo is one very important part of the website. We must treat the logo, then, with exceptional importance. It’s not enough for a logo to look professional; it must also represent the very identity and purpose of your brand.

Why is Las Vegas logo design important?

A cheap logo design, as we have already learned, creates the impression that your website isn’t quite as professional as we might want it to be. If you’re a potential consumer, examining 5-6 competing websites, you’re more likely to choose a website with a professional logo over one that looks amateurish. Your business logo design must be original, creative, authentic and accurately portray the mission statement of your company. At Fusionvegas, our logo designers understand the need to be simple, but innovative. After all, a complex logo design is simply not memorable.

Our Las Vegas logo design team have come up with four key reasons why you should get your logo design right: function, representation, identity and profit.

  • Function – as we discussed above, the function of any logo is to act as an anchor for your brand. It acts as an identification source for consumers. The font, colors and images used in the logo bear significance on every other marketing source you use. Think of the logo as the top of the marketing pyramid, from which other marketing designs flow.
  • Representation – your logo design should be representative. It should accurately convey the purpose of your business. There are various techniques one might adopt. For example, businesses that offer the latest technological innovation tend to use angular designs – a design that represents agility and speed of use.
  • Identity – when it comes to identity, we need to consider ancillary design factors. For example, a business logo design would not incongruent if surrounded by website graphic designs that contradict its core message. It would be akin to wearing the cheapest clothes alongside a Rolex watch; it just doesn’t work. It’s important that identity remains consistent – which is why you begin with the logo and work down from there.
  • Profit – when done right, the logo can prove profitable. Not profitable, of course, in its immediate value, but in the value it adds to the business. By creating a positive impression of your business, the logo adds to the professional image of your company. This is an invaluable contribution. Think of the logo as an asset, not a design liability.

We also recommend businesses to keep one logo style only. It’s not uncommon for businesses to have multiple versions of the same logo; discrepant versions on the website, the business card, on letterheads etc. This inconsistency reflects an inconsistent brand. It’s not professional and will, in the end, be changed. Keep consistent logo designs throughout the website and through the entirety of your marketing materials.


Logo design is important. Getting it right adds to your brand identity and enhanced profitability potential. It serves as a mental marker for every source of marketing materials – from business cards and flyers, to postcards and email signatures. There’s not one part of marketing untouched by the presence of a quality logo.

Our Las Vegas logo design team have helped dozens of leading brands create the logo that accurately and professionally represents their identity, service and purpose. If you’d like to receive a free quote for a logo design, fill out our online form today and a member of our Las Vegas web design team will get back to you very shortly.

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