How SEO Increases the Visibility of Your Business

More people than ever use the internet to shop. Not only that, but more people are using their mobile devices to initiate these searches. For your local business to succeed, your website must be visible to your target audience. You need to move with the times or the times will move you…very firmly and very robustly out of the market. To stay ahead means you must adopt a long-term strategy to capture the attention of this target audience – a thorough SEO strategy being the means through which you can achieve this.

SEO, or search-engine optimization, is about improving the visibility of your website to your target audience. The more visibility your website has, the more relevant traffic that arrives on your digital doorstep. Not every business does SEO effectively. In fact, an enormous number of them do not. This means there’s an opportunity for your local business to capitalize on these weaknesses and establish your business footprint in the online world. SEO isn’t a short-term solution, though – it takes time.

Developing an SEO Strategy

The precise traffic numbers you receive are largely immaterial.

For example, your local business might attract several thousand hits per month. But that’s not the important point. The question we must ask ourselves is this – how relevant is that traffic to your website and, perhaps more importantly, how persuaded are they by the solution you’ve offered online? SEO isn’t about attracting traffic; it’s about attracting relevant traffic in a way that positively converts on your website. The more conversions you receive, the more reviews you garner – the more relevance you have in the eyes of Google.

Of course, we’re not just talking about Google. We also need to optimize for other search-engines, too, such as Bing. Bing accounts for almost 20 percent of online searches. This isn’t a number to be sniffed at. What if you, for instance, were to optimize your local Las Vegas business on Bing where your competitors have failed? Developing an SEO strategy must be an all-encompassing affair. It must deal with every aspect of your business in the online world; a long-term approach that systematically attracts the right traffic.

That’s right – there is no short-term SEO solution. Any SEO company offering such a thing is offering nothing more than an empty plate.
This is particularly true for new websites. New websites can take many, many months to rank on search engines. The precise time is takes depends on your industry, competitiveness and the intensity with which you conduct SEO. SEO is not just about website content, though that is important. It also means having the right web design, the best keywords, optimization of imagery, how well-structured your website is and how relevant search engines deem your website to be for local users.

To develop a solid online presence, then, takes time.

SEO isn’t a fixed subject, either. It’s a discipline that changes with the times; in other words, it’s fluid. As Google algorithms are continuously updated, so too is SEO. Factors that search engines consider important today were not considered important 10 years ago. Similarly, what’s valuable from an SEO perspective today may not hold the same influence in 5 years’ time. So, there is no “SEO fix”; no 3-month intense effort with nothing thereafter, as this only causes harm in the long-term. SEO is the equivalent of an essential vitamin; we need consistent dosing throughout the year.

When correctly dosed and implemented in the right way, SEO can have an enormous impact. It can increase the visibility of your business in ways other marketing means fail to deliver. It can grow your business in extraordinary ways – taking your start-up to the next level or by nourishing an established business further. SEO is the growth hormone for any online business; an absolute must in 2017 and something which, when exacted in the right and proper way, reaps enormous dividends.

What next?

Our team at Fusionvegas has evaluated some of the leading brands throughout Las Vegas. We have helped these brands discover the frailties within their existing SEO strategy; addressing these issues and devising a long-term SEO plan that works. If you would like to receive a free SEO evaluation, contact a member of our team today. We look forward to working with you to increase the visibility of your business in the online world.

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