Web Design Services in Las Vegas

Do you currently own a website? Is the website attracting the traffic you thought it would? There are many reasons why websites – whether for personal or business use – fail to attract traffic. One of those factors, which we discussed in a previous blog, is poorly implemented search-engine optimization. Though SEO is an important factor, it’s not the only one. Poor web design has an enormous impact, too. At Fusionvegas, we offer web design services in Las Vegas that cater to modern, online marketing needs.

In many respects, web design is part and parcel of SEO. That being said, it should be considered a separate, distinct topic of interest. Unlike SEO, web design caters for user experience. An excellent web design is one designed with the target market in mind, with unique branding, with mobile responsiveness and with a user-friendly interface. These are by no means exhaustive elements, but they give a solid idea of why web design is so important. Below, we explore these web development factors in more detail.

Web Design Services that Work

More business than ever is moving into the digital world. This means greater competition for you and your business. It also means that your business needs to have an edge. One way to sharpen this edge is by creating a unique brand experience. The brand should be unique and represent the service provided by your business. For users, this creates an impression of trust, authenticity and authority. The web design “wows” prospective leads, leading them to learn more about your business and what services your business offers.

At Fusionvegas, our Las Vegas web design team understand the importance, value and need of unique branding. A cursory glance at our portfolio illustrates this commitment. In the online world, it’s not enough to have a well-functioning website; the design must be original, creative and imbued with some sense of innovation. The design should also incorporate the very latest SEO standards. Among other things, this means optimizing page load times and creating a design conducive to the needs of mobile devices – both Android and iPhone.

Taking the Next Step

So, what other factors should a web design consider?

From our experience of delivering web design services in Las Vegas, we understand the need to add interactive elements to each design. This could be something as small as adding contact us forms, or even through adding other quote-style forms. However, these elements need to be added in the right place. When a visitor comes to your website, they decide within seconds whether that website is right for them. You need to grab their attention and, consequently, grab their contact details at first point.

Failure to do so results in less leads and less conversions. Your bounce rate will rise, too. Bounce rate is a term that describes the percentage of people who ‘drop out’ of your website and hurtle back to Google. They decided, in a matter, that your website was not right for them. To reduce your bounce rate and keep visitors on your website, the design needs to appeal to their needs within the first few seconds. Only a striking, creative and original design – one with the right information, service and functions – can achieve this. Unfortunately, there are no two ways about it.


Web design is important, very important.

In 2017, your days are numbered if you have a poor web design – particularly if the web design fails to adopt modern SEO standards (such as mobile responsiveness). Yes – original and creative branding costs more, but this extra cost should be considered an investment; an asset not a liability. It’s a design that represents the very best of your brand – something that brings in more customers in the long-term.

If you’d like to learn more about our Las Vegas web design services, contact us today to receive a free quote. Check back to our digital marketing blog in future to learn more about how you can make the most of your business in the online world.